Super Ready Battle Armor: New Beginnings (Digital Edition)


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Super Ready Battle Armor: New Beginnings (Digital Edition)

The story of Super Ready Battle Armor: New Beginnings is set towards the end of a long conflict in the Pacifist Country of Arcadia.

Rich in resources and Technology, many of its Citizens are seeking asylum and have found refuge in the City of Yutopia, the home to our Cast of Characters.

Violete, a young Arcadian woman, wanting to make lives easier through her Inventions; and who is concerned for her adoptive family.

Infector, a local Yutopian, struggling with who he is and what he should do to become a better person.

Éclair, a young Assassin trying to deprogram and learning how to live her life again.

And B.A., A young, troubled man taken in by a local gang, who’s desire is to help people.

After B.A emancipated himself from his family, he was homeless until the Iron Weights gang took him in and assisted him in utilizing his skills to help the community.

Artist: Luis Ergueta Roldán 

Writer/Creator: Bradley J Adan 

Copyright of Halftone Productions 2018.

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